About Me


I am a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children whose own fitness journey came by way of default. After experiencing a major breakdown in 2011, I began exercising as part of my therapy. Little did I know that by embarking on that journey my life would transform from one of simply ‘existing’ to one so full of hope, positive and energy, I would not have believed it if I had dreamt it. With every step I took to better my physical health I experienced something even more positive psychologically.

I felt so immensely lucky that I had been given an insight into the strength and power you can gain from fitness that in 2013 I decided to ‘pay it forward’ and become a Personal Trainer. After completing Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, I established T.L.F, The Life Factory for exactly these purposes.

In 2014, I put myself completely out of my comfort zone and entered my first Bikini Model Contest competing at the INBA Qld State Championships at 41 years of age. Since then I have competed in several other competitions including the 2015 Musclemania competition where I placed 3rd in Miss Bikini Australia 35+.

Today I am a writer, model, coach and motivational speaker. At the age of 44, I am more confident, healthier, happier and balanced than I have ever been and want nothing more than for others to feel the benefits of a fit and healthy life.

If you want a trainer that ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’, then I am that person.


Our services



VIP 12 Week Online Coaching Program

My VIP 12 week online coaching program is a personalised service created to suit you are your individual needs. It is designed to help you create structure and stability that will ensure your results have...

Personalised Nutritional Recommendations

Knowing what to eat is one thing, but how much to eat is just as important. Even more vital is the balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats. I incorporate flexible dieting into your nutrition which means YOU...

Personalised Training Programs

Just because you can’t train with me doesn’t mean I can’t help you get results. Whether you are working out at home or utilizing a gym, TLF will design your own training program, which will take into...

One on One Training

The benefits of a one on one training session are endless. We have an opportunity to focus on your specific goals in a more structured and intimate manner. Whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss, improvements...

'Project You' Kick start

Project you is my newest program that is designed to kick start you into a happier, healthier way of living. It is an 8 week introduction program giving you a taste of online coaching and accountability with me.